Vekuva Foundation Conducted A Meeting On Personality Development


Vekuva Foundation (qatar) Conducted A Meeting On Personality Development at Girls High School Manthani. The Head Master Chakragari Bhushan, Vekuva Foundation Volunteer D. Srinivasas and  all Teachers, Students of girls high school participated in this Event.

Vekuva Foundation is fully volunteer-run (Not for Profit) organization formed to provide a platform for People of Telangana Origin (POTOs) to come forward to discuss, plan, and take actions for the development of Telangana focusing both on rural and urban areas. Vekuva supports and initiates efforts mainly in interconnected spheres such as Education, Employment, and Skill & Personality developmentfor the benefit of the People of Telangana.

Vekuva’s holistic vision enables it to address underlying causes rather than just responding to symptoms, by using powerful tools for bringing out change, such as campaigning against development, in addition to constructive and creative work through various projects. Identifying, Researching, funding, and sustaining projects has formed the core of Vekuva’s activities till now.

Vekuva’s volunteers are committed lot who are willing to put in the effort required to bring about a change for the better Telangana.

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