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Festival Special Rajarajeshwari-Devi

Rajarajeshwari Devi sits on the throne holding ‘Ikshu khanda’ (sugarcane) in one hand and giving blessings to devotees with the other in ‘abhaya mudra’ (no fear). Sweet Juice of Sugarcane symbolizes the juice of bliss (atma gnana – the self realisation). She whips those who are wicked and arrogant or harmful to others. Her peaceful,
Festival Special mahishasura-mardini

She is Maha Devi, the Great Goddess, the Mother of all beings, divine and mortal. Taking the warrior form of Her avatar, Goddess Durga, She departs on Her lion mount to meet the demon. A battle of nine days and nine nights ensues, during which Devi decimates Mahisha's armies using lesser Goddesses produced from Her