Sravana Masam Special- Balleru Hanuman Temple


There are lot many Hanuman Temples all over the manthani . Balleru Hanuman temple is located in Boyinapeta (Manthani).This temple is very famous and situated about four kilometer from Manthani Bus Stand.Balleru Hanuman Temple is flooded with devotees at holy Sravana Month.

We give special importance to the month of Sravana. The month of Shravan is the fifth month of the Hindu calendar beginning from Chaitra,and is the most auspicious month of the Chaturmas.On Purnima or full moon day and during the course of the month the star’Shravan’ rules the sky; hence the month is called Shravan.This month is shrouded by several religious festivals and ceremonies and almost all the days of this month are auspicious.

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