Shivaram Wildlife Sanctuary – Manthani


Located along the holy River Godavari which is the lifeline to the Sivaram wildlife Sanctuary in Karimnagar district of Telangana, the total area of this beautiful wildlife Sanctuary is approx. 36.29 sq kms. This wildlife sanctuary is well known for Marsh Crocodiles that are seen throughout the Indo Gangetic plain.

The marsh crocodiles are the fresh water crocodile which are also known as Mugger Crocodiles. These mugger crocodiles outnumber the salt water crocodiles, and can crawl for a considerable distances on land. These crocodiles that are equally mobile on land as well as in water, and this quality stands as the hot tourist attraction at Sivaram wildlife Sanctuary in Telangana.

The deciduous vegetation of this sanctuary consisting of Timan, Terminalias, Teak, Gumpena, Kodsha. It also has some Thorny Shrubs. The wildlife sanctuary attracts a lot of tourists with its wide collection of fauna which includes Sloth bear, Nilgai, Panther, Langaur, Rhesus Monkey, Cheetal, etc. The most appropriate time for a visit to this wildlife Sanctuary is winter.

How to Reach

Shivaram Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife preserve located nearly 10 km from Manthani in Telangana and is well accessible by road. peddapalli is the nearest railway station.

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