Peerla Panduga


Muharram is also known as Peerla Panduga festival in the state of Telangana. This is a festival that is celebrated predominantly in the Telangana . Muharram is a festival of processions. During this time the relic called Alam is taken out on procession. Ashurkhana, a group of Sufi Shrines, is the area around which the procession takes place. A lot of Muslims take part in the procession. The best part of this festival is that even Hindus take part in this festival. Hindus and Muslims keep chanting Ya Hussain as they participate in this procession.

The basic idea of this festival is that hope is the only standard concept which is beyond all religions. Hindus treat this relic as their own Gods and Goddesses. On the special day of Muharram, lots of Hindus visit Sufi shrines that are strewn all over the place. Peerla Panduga is an occasion of sorrow and the Hindu devotees appreciate the sentiments of their Islamic colleagues and participate solemnly in the procession.

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