Omkareswara Temple

It is located in the North-West  of the town and built on the bank of Thammicheruvu. Actual time of its construction could not be known. It has a well built compound wall. Main temple is located in the centre of the compound. It has a Dharmashala. Innor Choultry to the left main entrance, which was constructed by waduvatha suryanarayana, retired Engineer. There is a big Dwajastambham made of wood,9meteres in height with a small platform where two idols of Nadndi are seen. The main temple is of 6 meters*6meters in area.  A gopuram about height is constructed over the sanctum sanctorum. The principal deity hails in the form of Linga which is one meter in height and one meter in diameter on a one by one and half meter panavatika made of black stone. The idol of the lord is carved in black stone ,in a beautiful manner. The mandapam annexed to the main temple where idols of Lord Ganapathi and shivalinga are found ids 4.5meters*6meters in area. In the centre of it and just opposite to principal deity is installed a beautifully carved Nandi. The Mandapam is covered with iron grills on three sides. Goddess Parvathi in the form of stone idol, height is hailing behind principal deity. Two big jar bells hung one in the Garbhagudi and other in the mandapam, just above the idol of Nandi.

It was told that this was previously a Buddhist temple and later on converted as shiva temple,during the kakatiya period .some of its sculptures are still there as symbols of Buddha temple.