Manthani’s allure for pilgrims


While the Telangana government has constructed 106 bathing ghats all along the Godavari river for the ongoing Godavari Pushkaralu to enable pilgrims take holy dip, Manthani has been attracting huge crowds for the last five days, thanks to the excellent arrangements made by the district administration and local public representatives.

On Saturday alone, nearly two lakh pilgrims took holy dip in the Godavari river at Manthani. The main reason for attracting such massive crowds was the arrangements made for the Pushkarams. Unlike in the case of other Pushkar ghats, the pathway between Gautameshwara Temple and the Pushkar ghat at Manthani was walker-friendly with stones laid all along the path, so that it is not slippery. The ghat is also wide enough to accommodate large number of pilgrims. Most importantly, the quality of water in Godavari river at Manthani is very clean without any slush or mud. “Since the river here is original Gautami, the water is purer compared to the river downstream,” a pilgrim said.

The authorities have also made elaborate arrangement for parking of vehicles and transport of passengers from the parking place to the ghat by auto rickshaws and other passenger vehicles.

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