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Mr.SSRK(SingarapuShivaRama Krishna) is a cartoonist and 3D painter from Manthani, Karimnagar, Telangana. He is now pursuing his in Sree Chaitanya Engineering College, Karimnagar.

He has drawn many conceptual cartoons for various national and international text books.He says, “Serving the student community with my cartoons gives me a lot of satisfaction and energy”.

Text books:

  1. ‘Industrial Engineering and management’, published by Cengage Learning, New Delhi in 2013.
  2. ‘Total Quality management’ published by Cengage Learning, New Delhi in 2014.
  3. ‘Development of life skills II’ published by Vikas publishers, New Delhi in 2014.
  4. ‘Quality management and Six sigma’ publishedby Cengage Learning, New Delhi in 2015.
  5. ‘Instrumentation’ published by BS publishers, HYD in 2016.

3D paintings:

The 3D paintings are not at all new to the Indians. They are as old as our Mahabharatha. In Mahabhatatha, The great architectMayasura constructs Mayasabhawith various Maya paintings and maya sculptures and etc., once specially invited Doryodanagets confused with the paintings and sculptures.SSRK says, “Mayasabha is the origin of the 3D art”.With the help of a famous 3D artist, Mr. Mukesh from New Delhi, SSRK has expanded his canvas size from A4 to 15 feets.In many countries, these 3D street paintings are being used for amusing the people and advertise the companies as well. Now, in India also, this 3D art is getting developed.

SSRK wants to make as many 3D paintings as possible to amuse the people. He is now practicing and making the 3D paintings for the shopping malls, theaters, companies, colleges and etc. for their advertisement.

 Hebelieves, “An art is the god gift to you, what you do with that art is the back gift to the god”.

“I’m just a new budding artist,need more practice. I’m very much thankful to my parents, teachers, friends, clients and all my well-wishers for their support”, He says.


His 3D paintings are being published in an international magazine, Fenamizah, from Turkey since March, 2014.

In an international contest conducted by, a social website in 2014, his cartoon got place in the best 50 works.

Received ‘Golden Brush Holder’ certificate from, a social website in 2014.

Drawn almost 250 cartoons for various text books.

Drawn a cover page to ‘Total Quality Management’ text book, published by Cengage Learning, New Delhi.

Created a new record in Wonder Book of records in 3D painting category in April, 2016.

Some of his 3D speed bumps painting videos were used in an article on “India is using optical illusions to slow down dangerous drivers” and in a video “India is using these trippy optical illusions to get drivers to slow down” by TechInsider, New York, US and New York magazine, New York, US in May, 2016.

Achieved a place in Assist world records in May, 2016.

You can also have his 3D paintings at your halls.

 Reach him at +918106693691

For more 3D paintings and videos, click these links.

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