IPL beckons Manthani based commentator


The Manthani-based multi-lingual commentator Sudheer Mahavadi is on the move, quite literally. A familiar voice to Telugu audiences, particularly those into watching sports action live, he has now hit the biggest jackpot of his rising career. After being a part of the commentary team for the previous edition of Indian Premier League (IPL) albeit for a short duration, he has now been hired for the entire ninth season that gets underway on April 9.

  • It’s a good time for Telugu-based commentators for the upcoming Indian Premier League (IPL). 
  • City-based Sudheer Mahavadi has been hired for the season full-time and will be sharing the mike alongside Andhra cricketers, Venugopala Rao and Kalyana Krishna

If in the previous year he was alongside yesteryear cricketers like SL Venkatapathi Raju, MSK Prasad and YV Venugopala Rao, this time his fellow-commentators will be Rao and Andhra cricketer Kalyana Krishna.  ‘This is another big opportunity for me. The past two years have been fantastic. I was able to take up plum assignments with DD sports, Star Sports, Mobile Radio and Sony Mix and now Sony ESPN. It has been a dream run, I must say,’ exudes Sudheer as he looks forward to the commencement of a fresh innings.

‘It is a remarkably auspicious coincidence that I will be taking fresh guard a day after we celebrate the Telugu New Year,’ says the Manthani native, whose first love since growing up has been in giving running commentary.Reflecting on his early days, he says owes a sense of gratitude to his bosses in Doordarshan Hyderabad Kendra “Shyam Sir and Vijaya Kumar Sir for supporting me all through my days of ups and downs and Sumitra Bose, the former sports in-charge at ESPN for being there whenever I needed him”.

Sudheer points out that he enjoyed doing “the 2014 Lusofonia Games in Goa, National Games in Kerala, Star Sports Kabaddi, and the recent South Asian Games where I covered archery and judo at Shillong. SAF marks a major milestone of my career”.
In what was a home run that was happening in his backyard after a considerable time, he was recently hired to do commentary by Doordarshan for the National Table Tennis Championship that was held in Hyderabad.

“It was a great experience to be with A Joseph Antony, whom I have known from the days when I was the sports correspondent with The New Indian Express,” he says. Apart from lending his voice, he has been actively involved in making documentaries at the behest of Doordarshan on three distinguished Dronacharyas from Hyderabad-SM Arif, Ismail Baig and Pullela Gopichand.

It has been a long and eventful journey for Sudheer Mahavadi from the time when would share the commentary room during Hyderabad Polo and National Regatta seasons nearer home and the 2007 Telugu debut at Neo Sports from Bangkok to Team IPL.

His parting shot is as emotional as it can get, “Although I take my mother’s blessings first thing every morning, I wish my father was alive. He would have been very happy seeing the way my career has been shaping up,” he says.

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  1. Hi Sudheer mama , Rajani here ! Heart congratulations , very rare people get to follow their heart and do things they are passionate about as career. Best wishes !

  2. dahagam hari on

    Dear Sudheer,

    congrats for the great milestone achieved in your career, and also wish you all the very best for many more such events in your life.Not only Manthanites entire India is proud of you.


    Congratulations sudheer bhai….A great news of achievement has come as a great delight to all of us here…All your hard work , commitment and practice has paid off….you are riding the wave of success….