Ganpati Bappa is more muscular and six pack


Don’t be surprised if you see a selfie-taking Ganpati in the market while you go for Gnaesh darshan. Every year, the artistes of the idols are busy making idols in different shapes, taking inspiration from several personalities.

Telangna artistic and innovative sculptors are au-courant and they know what can grab attention and therefore they have made some really unique idols of Lord Ganesha that are nothing less than amazing.

This year SS Rajamouli “Baahubali” become a source of inspiration for the artistes of Ganesh idols.Ganesh carrying Shiva Linga on his shoulder is one of the most popular idols of this season.

This shape of Ganesh is inspired from “Baahubali “, in which Prabhas is seen carrying shiva Linga on his shoulder. Earlier, the poster of “Baahubali” featuring Prabhas carrying Shiva Linga had created lot of buzz on social media. The general perception is that Lord Ganesha has a large stomach, but this season, Ganpati Bappa is more muscular and even flaunts six pack abs. The photos showing Gandhi Chowk Baahubali Ganesh and Lakshmi Narayana temple Baahubali Ganesh is the latest trend.

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