Charity during Pushkaram for health, wealth and happines


As religious texts indicate that without charity, there is no salvation, one must do charity according to one’s capacity as laid down on what should be given by way of charity on which day during 12 day Pushkarams to river Godavari. On the commencement of the event, land, gold, paddy and silver should be donated so that people will get cleansed of their sins and get everything to lead a comfortable life. On the second day, they should donate clothes, salt, cows and precious stones to achieve peace and comfort. On the third day, they should donate jaggery, green and leafy vegetables and horse (or any carrier) which help them lead a life of luxury. On the fourth day, they should donate ghee, gingerly seeds, honey, milk and cheese to improve their longevity. On the fifth day, they should donate paddy, ox, bullock, plough and tools to augment one’s wealth. On the sixth day, people should donate camphor, sandalwood and kasturi to appease Goddess Lakshmi. On the seventh day, they should donate household goods like mats, cots and palanquin to acquire wealth and positions. On the eighth day, they should donate sandalwood stick, flowers and ginger to attain peace. On the ninth day, people should observe ritual offering to the ancestors to earn dignity. On the 10th day, they should donate idols of Gods and Goddesses, salagramam and shiva linga for the grace of God. On the 11th day, they should donate books and tamboola to improve their knowledge. On the 12th day, they should perform Shodasha danams and dasa danams to drive away fear. The devotees thus get wonderful results for the charity they do during the pushkarams.

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