Author Biography

Arun Kumar Chakragari is co-founder and CEO of the community website Mana Manthani .

Born on Aug 04, 1992, in Manthani, India, Arun Chakrgari co-founded the community website manamanthani out of his college dorm room.

Early Life
Arun Kumar Chakragari was born on Aug 04, 1992, in Manthani, India, into a comfortable, well-educated family.His father Chakragari Bhushan is a Government Teacher. His mother Chakragari Surekha is a home maker. His brother Sai kiran is a Software Engineer.
Arun Kumar developed an interest in computers at an early age; when he was about 19, he used Blogs to create a Manthani Community program.

Mana Manthani
Manthani – Located on the right bank of river Godavari in Karimnagar District of Telangana. Despite the smaller size of the village, it has a distinction of very highly educated and very successful community. Mana Manthani community is so successful that its roots are all over the world and almost in every field.
This is our sincere endeavor to serve activities of our own “Mana Manthani” community and also to share & enjoy information on “Manthani” through the Web. We feel proud to be belonging to “Manthani”. All about Manthani’s talks, jokes, gossips, new happenings in Manthani etc. always have a lion’s share in all our frequent gatherings, conversations and meetings. It may not be out of context to regret here that ‘Development of Manthani’ figures rarely in our gatherings. Well, through this endeavor, we invite all interested (be they Manthanians or not) to share their thoughts and help us try to contribute our bit to the sharing the information about our village for which act of kindness we shall be grateful forever.

While offering unconditional assurance in clear terms to the effect that we shall strive our best to maintain confidentiality in all possible ways, we open heartedly welcome all visitors to help us to build primarily a single source of information about our own “Manthani” people and contacts. Information detailing the incumbents, contact persons at various Govt. offices/ banks/ colleges, etc. is open handedly welcomed as it may be useful for any of the prospective visitor to the site.
We also welcome your information, suggestions and any other ideas on how this “Mana Manthani” site and how our own village ‘Manthani’ can be improved and developed. It is obvious and implied that we do reserve our right to ‘edit’ any such information (which is not personal, of course) before placing it on the site.